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The Knower and the Known: An Interview with Stephen Parrish

Gordon R. Lewis (1926-2016), an Integrative Theologian

Some Remarks on Neo-Molinism, Infinite Intelligence, and Providence
This paper argues that the alleged providential utility of the neo-Molinist account of divine providence (via Gregory Boyd's infinite intelligence argument) doesn't work. Continued..

The Knower and the Known: Physicalism, Dualism, and the Nature of Intelligibility
Learn more about Stephen Parrish's compendium of arguments for a theistic ontology and a critique of physicalism. Continued..

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March 31 2016

CALL FOR PAPERS: 2016 AAR/SBL Annual Meeting

The EPS is now accepting proposals for the EPS program at AAR/SBL in Nov. 2016. Typically, these are panels devoted to read more

March 9 2016

Call for Papers: Tyndale Fellowship, Cambridge

Participate in the Tyndale Fellowship Quadrennial Conference, July, 4th to the 7th, in England. read more