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2017 Society of Christian Philosophers Pacific Regional Conference

March 30 - April 1, 2017
Talbot School of Theology, Biola University
La Mirada, CA

Theme: "Faith and Humility"

Come enjoy philosophy papers by graduate students and faculty from around the U.S!

Plenary Addresses:

Laura Buchak (University of California Berkeley), "Faith, Authority, and Disagreement."

I have previously argued for a view of faith that I call the risky commitment view. According to this view, one must be willing to act on a claim one has faith in, without further evidence for the claim, and to continue to act even in the face of counter-evidence. In this talk, I will show that deference to authority is a special case of faith?a case that is particularly apt to be rational. I will also show that the risky commitment view of faith opens up a new possibility in the debate over peer disagreement, since it shows that it can be rational to act on your own view of the evidence while becoming less sure that your view is the correct one. I thus show that it is rational defer to authority in one?s community rather than one?s own understanding, and to remain committed to such deference even in the face of disagreement between communities.

John Greco (St. Louis University), "Transmitting Faith (and Garbage)"

Almost everyone will grant that knowledge is often transmitted through testimony. For example, parents often transmit knowledge to their children, teachers often transmit knowledge to their students, and doctors often transmit knowledge to their patients, all by telling their intended audience that such and such is the case. Here is a problem: Knowledge seems to be transmitted right alongside lots of garbage. That is, besides transmitting genuine knowledge, we manage to transmit lots of beliefs that are irrational, superstitious, self-deceiving, and flat out false. So how is that possible? How is it that the very same channels manage to transmit both knowledge and garbage together? Call this ?the garbage problem?. This paper formulates and explores this problem, in general and for religious faith in particular. The religious version of the problem is this: How is it that genuine faith, considered as a kind of religious knowledge, is transmitted alongside garbage? For example, how can churchgoers come to know that God created the world and loves His creation, if this is learned right alongside self-serving prejudices and anachronistic superstitions?


Philosophy Department, Talbot School of Theology

Center for Christian Thought

Talbot Philosophical Society

Philosophy Department, Biola University

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