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Lisa FieldsLisa Fields

President, Jude 3 Project

Lisa graduated from University of North Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Religious Studies and Liberty University with a Master of Divinity with a focus in Theology. Lisa is the founder and President of the Jude 3 Project. She has spoken at evangelism, apologetic and biblical literacy events at various universities and churches. She has a passion for teaching the Word of God. In addition to her work in ministry, Lisa hosts a secular podcast for young professionals called Brunch Culture. She believes it's important for Christians to engage the culture and represent a biblical worldview. Above all, Lisa hopes to be marked by her love for God and people, because in her mind that is the only thing that really matters.

Available Lectures by Lisa Fields

  • EP1615 Contextualized Apologetics: Engaging and Equipping the Black Community Contextualized Apologetics: Engaging and Equipping the Black Community
    Format:Downloadable mp3

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