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Apologetics Introduction

  • Want a sample of what Christian apologetics is all about? These talks provide just that; a viable example, in content and form, of what Christian apologetics could look like.

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Arguments & Objections for God

  • There are lots of great arguments for the existence of God. These talks altogether provide a wonderful survey of some of the most important discussions of these arguments.

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The Historical Jesus

  • In our culture, there are abounding fabrications and frauds about the claims of Jesus. These talks collectively equip you with the latest and most cutting-edge research so that you can make a positive case for the historical veracity of Jesus and the New Testament.

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  • Christians cannot afford to be ignorant of Islam. These talks gives you knowledge about what you need to know to begin a study and to help foster an intelligent and respectful response to Muslim claims.

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Law and Religion

  • You cannot be an informed citizen if you do not understand the role and relationship between law and religion. This talk facilitates such knowledge.

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Philosophy and Theology

  • The interrelationship of philosophy and theology is probably one of the most exciting and flourishing areas of the Christian knowledge tradition. All of these talks combined provide helpful resources for considering important philosophical theology issues.

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Postmodernism/Emergent Church

  • A lot can be said about postmodernism and its significance for understanding how we should understand Christianity. These talks speak to the heart of these issues, all the while communicating to both the specialist and non-specialist.

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Science and Religion

  • These talks together provide a helpful foundation for considering knowledge at the cutting-edge intersection of science, philosophy and religion.

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Suffering and Problem of Evil

  • All these talks provide a good introduction to important questions and issues concerning the Christian response to the "problem of evil."

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Apologetics, Church and Discipleship

  • Learn about the fruitful interrelationship between apologetics and spiritual formation. These talks are both edifying and challenging toward growth and maturity.

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Culture and Worldview

  • Learn about how to discern different worldview beliefs, how they compare/contrast with the Christian worldview, including how different cultural forms communicate a worldview.

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World Religions and Pluralism

  • Understand how Christianity compares to other world religions.

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Reliability of the Bible

  • No book has been subjected to more scrutiny or historical revisionism than the Old and New Testaments. In these talks, you will see why you can confidently trust the accuracy of the Bible.

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Apologetics for Youth

  • Here, we have collected talks from hot-button apologetics issues, but are made easy to understand. Equip your junior or senior high school student with the tools they need to defend their faith and provide answers to those who ask.

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