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As someone interested in Christian philosophy, you're keenly aware that ideas matter. One reason why I am passionate about the doing of philosophy as a Christian is because it has the power to make people's lives better.

And that's why I'm so excited to announce that an anonymous donor has offered to match every gift the Evangelical Philosophical Society receives—dollar for dollar—up to $25,000! This means every dollar you give will be doubled to support thoughtful Christian philosophy in the marketplace of ideas.

Bad philosophies are influencing our culture at every level. From relativism and emotivism to scientism or postmodernism, they have an enormous impact. The EPS includes an army of thoughtful Christian scholars, publishing via our website and our peer-reviewed journal, Philosophia Christi. In 2018, we want to significantly grow the reach of our content to better counter damaging philosophies and to advance the good of doing philosophy by:

  1. Creating a digital version of Philosophia Christi, allowing more people around the world immediate access to rigorous Christian thinking.
  2. Leveraging the web, social media, and digital channels to expand the visibility and influence of the EPS in the wider culture as a premier center for Christian thought.
  3. Reaching the church and broader culture by showing the value of Christian philosophy for contemporary problems for individuals, families the wider society (all of which show signs of a serious lack of coherence and stability), as well as the church.
  4. Creating footholds internationally by developing international chapters of the EPS.
  5. Working with existing on campus ministries to create outposts of the EPS at major universities around the U.S.

But we cannot accomplish any of these things without your support and that's why I want to urge you to take advantage of this matching gift opportunity today.

Will you respond to the Challenge?

Your generous gift today can help turn the $25,000 grant into $50,000 — and help reach people with the truth of the Christian worldview.

Please take a moment to donate securely online. But, timing is crucial and we are pushing to secure our 2018 budget by December 31.

In service to Him,

Dr. Angus Menuge, President
The Evangelical Philosophical Society

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P.S.Remember, every gift you send will double in value – and have twice the impact in sharing the Christian worldview globally.  Thank you so much for your generous support!

Supporting Christian Philosophers Globally

Here's a letter I recently received from Danish philosopher David Jakobsen on why the EPS is so important and how it is making a difference even in his native Denmark:

Coming to the annual EPS meetings has given me three things. First, it has given me a number of friendships that encourage and inspire. This has helped me gain a strong sense of not being alone in the world, which is valuable in a post-Christian, yet rather learned culture, like the Danish. Second, the inspiration from papers, discussions, the EPS fellowship meeting and the introduction to new literature have been valuable for me in my studies in Denmark. A Christian perspective is often not even presented as an option to dilemmas and problems at the universities and colleges in Denmark, and when it is, is most likely a straw-man. Thirdly, coming to the EPS has given birth to a dream of engaging the Scandinavian mind with evangelical thinking at the highest academic level in Denmark. …

It is my clear conviction that bringing young Christian philosophers and theologians to the EPS will be a step in fulfilling some of these goals for evangelical thinking in Denmark.

David Jakobsen
External Lecturer at Aalborg University

Around the world, Christian students as well as Christian academics like Dr. Jakobsen face similar issues. That's why I hope you will take a moment and prayerfully contribute to this great opportunity for your gift to go twice as far in reaching the world with Christian philosophy. Click here to give.

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